Boat Trailers

Boat Trailer

You will find the best suitable trailer for Your motorboat from our co-operation partner TIKI Treiler who has a long experience of trailer manufacturing.

Tiki Treiler is one of the major boat trailer manufacturers in Estonia, with dozens of trailer models in its product portfolio.

At present Tiki manufacturers 15 different types of boat trailers for the Estonian market, and that means that there is something for every boat owner. Tiki also produce four different water jet trailer series with vehicle type-approval and hence those interested in water motorsports can also mount their fine vehicle on their personal trailer.
Tiki Trailer sold only to Estonian market over 160 boat trailers.

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Mini Camper – TearDropTrailer

A Teardrop Trailer is a streamlined, compact, lightweight travel trailer, which gets its name from its teardrop profile. Usually has a cabin for 2 and a compact kitchen with a large hatch at the back. In addition, there are various “gadgets” that make camping more convenient and even more enjoyable.

What our clients say

"At the end of 2020, for the first time I became the buyer of my very own boat. And at that time, when reaching out to BalticBoat, I got very lucky. First of all, the chosen Marex has been really great at sea: high quality, durable, functional, with a well-thought-out design and comfortable to drive. Secondly, for several years now, Erki has been showing that not only he sells You a boat, but also helps with advice and strength in orienting yourself in all life at sea: from organizing winter maintenance to exploring small Estonian harbors."
Captain of the motor boat "ETTA"



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