BalticBoat is among the leading motoryacht brokers in the Baltic Sea area. Our experienced yacht brokers, will help You with selling Your yacht or finding and exchanging to the desired item, getting familiar with the new boat, as well as making a safe and comfortable purchase.

BalticBoat is the official dealer of SUNSEEKER luxurious motoryachts in Estonia and Latvia and SEA RAY sporty motoryachts in Estonia.

BalticBoat is also representative for Dutch heritage steel and aluminium motoryachts shipyard VAN DER VALK.

We are working in a co-operation with Finland’s leading importer of motor boats, as well as a full service boat dock provider MARINEPALVELU POWER PRODUCTS

Our slogan is – Simple. Easy. Fast.

Charter Cruises

Luxurious motoryachts for up to 12 guests – Princess 72MY on the Baltic Sea or lake of Saimaa, Azimut 86S on French-Italian Riviera or Spain and also other motor- and sailing yachts.

Organize for Your most important business partners a private meeting at the Sea. You can just enjoy the luxurious atmosphere and privacy.

Reward Your best workers with a sunny cruise with catering at the Sea.

You can spent an hour or two, or a day or two, or even a week on the sea in compliance with Your own chosen route and catering services and our well experienced crew.

Also possible to organize sporty cruises or water sports events with Sea Ray boats.

Contact us to adjust details and pricing for Your best needs!

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Charter Flights

Together with our partner AeroCopter we help to arrange Your helicopter flights, charter flights with private airplanes and aerial photography and filming events.

Charter flights on different helicopters according to Your needs and occasions.
Charter flights on different airplanes to Europe, North Africa, the Arab and Mediterranean countries.

Together with other flying services:

– photoshooting and filming from helicopters

– lighter lifting jobs
– projection flights
– traffic control flights
– police, customs and army flights
– missing person searching flights
– nature reserving flights

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Winter Storage/Maintenance

ESTONIA, LATVIA, FINLAND – It is very important that You can feel Yourself safe also in the time when Your boat is not in the water and that the boat is in perfect condition at the time when You are starting Your cruising season at the Sea again. Our team will take care of all, You can just enjoy sailing or cruising.
SERVICE, CLEANING, POLISHING, WAXING AND OTHER SERVICES – Our team will offer full service for Your satisfaction. We offer services with official representations and guarantee for You the full quality.


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Our well experienced skippers will help to sail Your boat smoothly and safely to the desired destinations in the Baltic Sea or all over the Europe.
For further destinations, when sailing in not feasible, we offer yacht transportation through our co-operation partners and find You the best complete solution.

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We can help You with the financing of Your new boat or in case of boat exchange, refinancing.
We have several financing partners to find the best solution for all our clients.
Please contact us for discussing Your exact needs or You can contact with one of our recommended leasing partner LHV Bank.

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Insurance is always good to have in the process of purchasing a boat or during the sailing season. We will make it as safe for You as possible through our trusted co-operation partners.

BALTO LINK is an independent insurance broker company deploying intellectual and financial capital of Danish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian origin to provide premier risk management and insurance solutions to the clients in the Baltic’s area since 2000.

BALTO LINK has 10 fully operating offices in EstoniaLatvia and Lithuania.

BALTO LINK is Baltic’s 3rd largest insurance broker company, servicing over 4.000 large and mid-sized companies in various industries of services, manufacturing, wholesale and retail. Furthermore, BALTO LINK service over 100.000 private clients.

Possessing strong team of professionals enables BALTO LINK to provide unique, exceptional and tailor-made solutions to our clients.

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Erki Lepp

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What our clients say

"At the end of 2020, for the first time I became the buyer of my very own boat. And at that time, when reaching out to BalticBoat, I got very lucky. First of all, the chosen Marex has been really great at sea: high quality, durable, functional, with a well-thought-out design and comfortable to drive. Secondly, for several years now, Erki has been showing that not only he sells You a boat, but also helps with advice and strength in orienting yourself in all life at sea: from organizing winter maintenance to exploring small Estonian harbors."
Captain of the motor boat "ETTA"



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