MiniCamper Teardrop Trailer

What is a Teardrop Trailer?

A Teardrop Trailer is a streamlined, compact, lightweight travel trailer, which gets its name from its teardrop profile. Usually has a cabin for 2 and a compact kitchen with a large hatch at the back. In addition, there are various “gadgets” that make camping more convenient and even more enjoyable.


Why Teardrop Trailer?

They are stylish and practical. They are light and easy to tow. And besides,


We build Teardrop trailers with different levels of equipment. The dimensions are the same, the only differences are the color tones and comfort widgets, which will largely determine the feel of your travel, hike or holiday.

The base Teardrop trailer model is suitable for those who want to personalize their camper, ie tune the kitchen and systems at their own discretion.

If you want a complete solution, then with the accessories we offer, you can take your Teardrop trailer to a whole new “league”. We are especially proud of the large panoramic window. The added glass surface makes the cabin more spacious and illuminated. So while lying there, the expanse of the sky is all there for your enjoyment.

Other accessories can be found mainly in the kitchen section. We have put together an off-the-grid kitchen solution, where you can use a refrigerator, an integrated gas stove and a sink, regardless of the electrical system of the car, so you can leave your Teardrop in its full functionality to the camping ground and send a travel companion to the store to replenish camping supplies.

Base model

Includes: Welded and galvanized steel frame and drawbar · Coupling with 13-Pin Euro Vehicle Towing Plug · Torsion axle without brakes · Support wheel and support legs · 14-inch Light Alloy rims with M+S tires · Insulated birch plywood body covered on the outside with a powder-coated aluminum coating and internally waxed birch plywood · body-colored metal fenders · front and rear LED trailer lights · side and rear trailer reflectors · 12v electrical system with ~100Ah AGM leisure battery (the battery is charged from the towing car) · outdoor LED lights (2pcs) · doors with sliding windows (2pcs) · single key locking system (doors, box, hatch) · 28x28cm sunroof with a electric fan and mosquito net · cabin LED light bar · cabin sockets (2x USB) · headboard with storage cabinets (2pcs) · queen-size mattress (1.4x2m) with a bed base · Birch kitchen worktop with base cabinets (3pcs), storage niches (3 pcs) and storage cabinets connected to the cabin (3 pcs) · kitchen LED light bar.


  • Torsion axle with brakes + €500
  • 13″ Spare wheel + €90
  • Opt.1: Storage box on the drawbar + €150
  • Opt.2: Or bicycle rack for 2 on the drawbar + €150
  • 15 “light alloy rims with M + S tires + €120
  • Cabin panoramic window + €780
  • Black Design (tinted film) panoramic window + € 75
  • Blackout curtain for panoramic window +190
  • Frame for doors sliding windows with blackout curtains and mosquito nets + € 220
  • Black Design (RAL9005) sliding window frames + € 100
  • Opt.1: 230v Smart Victron MultiPlus 12/500/20-16 electrical system – pure sinus voltage converter 500W (12v> 220v) with intelligent battery charger (charges the battery from the mains via the CEE socket) + €650
  • Opt.2: 230v electrical system with switch – pure sinus voltage converter 500W (12v> 220v) and intelligent battery charger (charges the battery from the mains via the CEE socket) + €400
  • Additional socket in the cabin (1xUSB + 1x230v) + €45
  • Kitchen plug tower (2xUSB and 1x230v) + €95
  • Water system with electric pump, mixer, 16L canister and integrated
  • Dometic sink and gas burner + €450
  • Gas system with LPG / CO alarm, 5kg LPG gas cylinder and 3 in one refrigerator (230V, 12V , gas) on rails + €540
  • Cabinet doors with imitation of stars with ambient LED light bars + €50
  • 2x Dimmable Reading Light with USB
  • Charging Port +€90
  • Reversing camera +€75
  • Roof beams + €150
  • Awning Fiamma F35 Pro 2,5m (Requires roof beams) + €490
  • Solar panel system 160W with Victron
  • Smartsolar MPPT 75/10 charge controller + €450
  • 2x Side mount tables + €130
  • Cabin heating system (Diesel) + €750
  • Pop-up toilet (1.2×1.2×1.9m shower tent with Porta Potti Electric Excellence pot) + €225
  • Black Design (RAL9005) sunroof + € 50
  • Black Design (RAL9005) alloy rims + € 100

Our Teardrop Trailer

Weight & Dimensions

Unladen weight550+ kg
Gross weight750kg
Overall length4200mm
Overall width1995mm
Overall height1900mm
Inner cabin lenght2000mm
Inner cabin width1410mm
Inner cabin height1250mm

Showroom in Tallinn

Nordauto/Balticboat, Kadaka tee 72a, Tallinn

Questions & Answers

1. What is a Teardrop Trailer?

A Teardrop Trailer is a streamlined, compact, lightweight travel trailer, which gets its name from its teardrop profile. Usually has a cabin for 2 and a compact kitchen with a large hatch at the back. In addition, there are various “gadgets” that make camping more convenient and even more enjoyable. View photo gallery

2. How many people can sleep in the MiniCamper Teardrop Trailer?

All our models can comfortably accommodate 2 adults. The dimension of the mattress is 1,4m x 2,0m (wide x length).

3. Do I need a special driver’s licence to tow the MiniCamper Teardrop Trailer?

No, you don’t. The gross weight of all our models is 750 kg (Light Trailers O1 category). So your B category driver’s licence is enough.

4. What car can tow the MiniCamper Teardrop Trailer?

Our models weigh less than 750 kg. Because of their lightweight construction and compact size, they can be towed by many 4 cylinder cars too. Not only trucks, crossovers and SUVs.

5. My car doesn’t have a towbar!

No problem. It takes only 2-4 hours to install a towbar. Google will help you find a installer or ask at your nearest car parts store or workshop.

6. I have only 7-pin socket for trailer connection in my car, Is it OK?

Yes, the 7/13 pin adapter is included in all our MiniCamper models. 
The 13-pin connections are required for the proper function of tail lights as well as charging the built-in battery while towing the trailer.

7. Is the MiniCamper Teardrop Trailer intended for year-round use?

By adding a heating system, the Teardrop trailer can be made more weather-friendly. This option is available in our accessories list.

8. How is the MiniCamper Teardrop trailer water system equipped?

Underneath the sink is installed a 13L fresh water tank and the running water is provided by an electric water pump.
The gray water (sullage) is directed from the sink to the 13L grey water tank. They need to be filled and emptied manually if needed.

9. Is there a gas system installed in MiniCamper Teardrop Trailer by default?

The gas system option is available in our accessories list.

10. Is there any way to get 230V without getting hooked up to the mains?

A voltage converter is available in our accessories list. This device converts the battery’s 12v DC to 230v AC.

11. What is the registration process of the MiniCamper teardrop Trailer?

The registration process may vary from country to country. Each model has the Certificate of Conformity which is provided together with the Commercial Invoice. This is sufficient to register the trailer in your country (especially in EU countries).

12. How long is the MiniCamper Teardrop Trailer warranty period?

Each model has a 2-year warranty and a 1-year warranty on the installed equipment from the date of delivery.
The precondition for the validity of the warranty is compliance with the requirements of the user manual.

In the event of a failure, you must notify us within three (3) days. The MiniCamper Teardrop Trailer must not be used until the fault has been rectified. We will give you instructions for further action.

The warranty does not cover natural wear and tear to the model and the parts (i.e tires, light bulbs).

We do not reimburse the transport costs for warranty repairs of the MiniCamper Teardrop Trailer.

What our clients say

"At the end of 2020, for the first time I became the buyer of my very own boat. And at that time, when reaching out to BalticBoat, I got very lucky. First of all, the chosen Marex has been really great at sea: high quality, durable, functional, with a well-thought-out design and comfortable to drive. Secondly, for several years now, Erki has been showing that not only he sells You a boat, but also helps with advice and strength in orienting yourself in all life at sea: from organizing winter maintenance to exploring small Estonian harbors."
Captain of the motor boat "ETTA"