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The legendary English Sunseeker is the top brand of motor yachts, as well as one of the world’s most prestigious boat manufacturers.

Sunseeker is conceived by the world’s finest maritime architects, engineers and designers – then hand built with painstaking attention to detail by craftspeople who embody generations of experience.
Owning a Sunseeker yacht isn’t a statement. It’s something far more powerful. It is a hard won independence. The ability to see new horizons from a different perspective. Above all, a rare kind of liberty. A masterpiece of high performance design and engineering, a Sunseeker yacht takes you to truly special places with those who are truly special to you.
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Family comes first, our boats suit all members!
With an honest love of the sea, Marex builds family boats for passionate boaters. Our modern and innovative range includes all-weather cruisers from 31 to 42 feet, all designed to be stylish, efficient, and impeccable seakeeping.
We believe your Marex boat should feel like a second home, but on the sea.
Over four decades have passed since the first Marex Boat was launched in Norway.
Marex has remained a family company, gradually becoming one of the most solid European boat manufacturers in a very volatile business.
Today Marex Boats is stronger and bigger than ever and known now already all over the World for its quality, longevity and durability. The proof of this is all the Awards and Commendations Marex has received over the last decade in the national and international arena.
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Sea Ray

American Sea Ray is more than a boat – it’s an experience, it’s a craft of unparalleled comfort and performance, technology and technique, it’s decades of expertise building the most sophisticated sport boats, cruisers and yachts on the water.
Since 1959, commitment to innovation, craftsmanship and service has been apparent in every boat that bears the Sea Ray name.
Sea Ray offers the boldest vision of what boating can be and brings that vision to life through innovative design, superior craftsmanship and unwavering owner support.
It's an unwavering dedication to customer service and community. And it's the belief that happiness is best enjoyed with the wind in your hair, loved ones at your side and a beautiful boat beneath you.
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World’s number one aluminium hulled RIB manufacturer!
With around 47,000 boats delivered globally since the brand’s beginning in 2011, Highfield Boats is now the world’s number one in the RIB tender sector and a global player in the 5 metres + sector. Performance and strength have always been at Highfield’s core. The brand has focussed on these two key values above anything else. Highfield’s hulls are dry-riding, very seaworthy and always over-built.

Their reputation for durability is now world-renowned. The heavy-duty approach to design and build allows leisure and commercial owners to have the confidence needed to go that extra mile and to tackle conditions avoided by many others.
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IRON Boats

With its unique fender profile and faceted surfaces, inspired by modern special ops boats and fighter planes, IRON Boats have a character of their own, which also makes a strong impression in the harbor.
Drawing on their extensive experience from powerboat racing and the competitive world, the Mannerfelt Design Team has created four smooth-running hulls with predictable handling characteristics for a safe and exhilarating life at sea.
IRON Boat’s unique fender profile with air channels dampens movements and resonant noise, which contributes to a smooth and quiet ride. It also lowers the center of gravity, which contributes to the IRON Boat’s good seaworthiness. Unlike RIB Boats, the IRON Fender is puncture-proof while also reducing anxiety when mooring!
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What our clients say

"At the end of 2020, for the first time I became the buyer of my very own boat. And at that time, when reaching out to BalticBoat, I got very lucky. First of all, the chosen Marex has been really great at sea: high quality, durable, functional, with a well-thought-out design and comfortable to drive. Secondly, for several years now, Erki has been showing that not only he sells You a boat, but also helps with advice and strength in orienting yourself in all life at sea: from organizing winter maintenance to exploring small Estonian harbors."
Captain of the motor boat "ETTA"



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