Engine Options - VOLVO PENTA D6-400 EVC DPH (400 HP) Sterndrive
- 2x D3-220 EVC DPH (2 x 260 HP) Sterndrive & el. Steering
- 2x D4-260 EVC DPH (2 x 260 HP) Sterndrive & el. Steering
- 2x D4-300 EVC DPH (2 x 300 HP) Sterndrive & el. Steering
- D6-435 EVC (435 HP) Reverse "V" Shaft
- 2x D4-260 EVC (2 x 260 HP) Reverse "V" Shaft
- 2x D4-300 EVC (2 x 300 HP) Reverse "V" Shaft
- 2x V8-270 EVC DPS (2 x 270 HP) Sterndrive & el. Steering
Length in meters 12,05 m Beam 3,55 m Draft 1,05 m Displacement Approx. 7,700 kg Accommodation 14 Seating / 2+2+2 Berths

The new Marex 375 is based on the same design expression as the award-winning Marex 370 ACC. The basic idea has been to focus on the space above the deck. We have made room for two large seating areas in the boat. The main emphasis is that today’s customers want to stay upstairs and not have a seating area below deck. Marex has also tried to give the boat a yacht feeling in the design of the bow and with the wide side deck. Seaworthiness of Marex 375 is as good as the 370 ACC. It has a planing hull, built for single or twin engine with gear or shaft.

Erki Lepp

Call: +372 50 90 105 E-mail: [email protected]

What our clients say

"At the end of 2020, for the first time I became the buyer of my very own boat. And at that time, when reaching out to BalticBoat, I got very lucky. First of all, the chosen Marex has been really great at sea: high quality, durable, functional, with a well-thought-out design and comfortable to drive. Secondly, for several years now, Erki has been showing that not only he sells You a boat, but also helps with advice and strength in orienting yourself in all life at sea: from organizing winter maintenance to exploring small Estonian harbors."
Captain of the motor boat "ETTA"



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