SpotGuard is a positioning system with small tracking devices which report its position at given time intervals. The communication is based on GPS and/or GSM, and has worldwide coverage. Guard Systems has established a partner network throughout Europe for cross border operations, and trough collaboration with law enforcement agencies and insurance companies across Europe, stolen objects are secured before return to the rightful owner.

95 % recovery rate! Most recovered objects are found within 48 hours.

Common Features:

• World coverage GSM/RFbased system with worldwide coverage.

• Battery operated – Minimum 3 years battery life time.

• Independent of GPS Positioning by GSM triangulation.

• Easy to install The SpotGuard unit is small, discreet and easy to install/hide.

• RF-Beacon High power RF beacon for accurate proximity pin- pointing.

Spotguard PLUS Features:

• GPS accuracy More accurate positioning with GPS.

• Reporting Programmable reporting intervals.

Included services:

• Free support from 08.00 – 16.00, Mon.-Fri.

• Pre-installed SIM card and software.

• Data traffic and roaming costs

• 24/7 support and assistance from Alarm Center in theft situations

• Free update of maps and application

• Unlimited use of web application